Front Desk System for Hotels

also known as Hotel Property Management System or Cloud PMS

You can access SabeeApp Cloud PMS anywhere, anytime and from any device. Manage your hotel in real-time.

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Enjoy the benefits of a Cloud Hotel PMS

SabeeApp cloud based PMS helps you manage your hotel operations seamlessly through its Frontdesk, Housekeeping, Invoicing and Reports and many more.r


The invoicing tool makes it easy to bill your guests. Lots of nice features, with no limits on how many customers or invoices.
Customize your invoices to make them perfectly you.


Generate accurate reports like Financial, Sales, Commission reports. Be up to date with sales estimates. Know your partners better with partner statistics.

Integrated with Channel Manager and Internet Booking Engine

When a reservation arrives from any of your partners or your Internet Booking Engine, it will automatically get into your Cloud PMS, without putting your hand on it. Believe us, it saves you a lot of precious time.

Fast Check In

Choosing this option will include in the report only reservations which check-in date is in the selected month. For example: 02.09 - 04.09 and also 29.09 - 02.10 will be included.

Guest Profiles and History

The better you know your guest the more happier you can make your guests. Happy guests lead to more sales.


Housekeeping lists made easy. Manage room status with one click from the dashboard.

Chat on your website

Easily add a chat function to your own website or booking engine. People love to ask directly.

Group Bookings

Upload group bookings and issue group invoices are very easy.

Split Reservations

Sometimes it happens that you have to change the room of a guest during its stay. Do it with one click, use the split function.

SabeeApp Property Managements system will be even more useful with our built in Channel Manager

SabeeApp FrontDesk software is completely connected with our own developed channel manager. Be visible for them on all possible channels.


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""" environment where people can feel at home..."""

Running a hotel is not about administration all day long. We believe, hospitality business is built on creating an environment where people can feel at home. Let SabeeApp do most of the work for you, so you can focus on building great accommodation for gr

Szabolcs Herman - CEO and founder of SabeeApp